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Thank you tumblr for recovering my tumblr!
I haven’t posted in forever because I was not able to get into my account.
But my senior year has been
& the past 2 days felt awkward but today was much more comfortable.
I’ve also been working at my moms job which is good but my schedule is so fucked up. Need to assort it ASAP.
The cheese cheese I found out was cheesy yesterday.

Lol I hope you guys have had a great first week of school & y’all are surviving. Stay strong!

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>> Time to Pump/ "New Day" Choreography

This was from the dance class I took from Lady Gaga’s former dancer, Michael Silas, a few weeks ago. 


Spot me in the white in the front and center. 

Had a great time and I hope you guys like the choreography. 

These 8 counts were hot 


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hopefully this is the last stupid about what i’ve been writing about recently. 

I feel like everyone can relate to this because it happens to everyone and well if it doesnt (tumblr peepz, its okay if it doesnt) you’re somewhat prepared for what awaits you. 

So today I question why I’m not hearing from you.
After meeting 2 nights ago, you had a positive response. The response this morning was “I didn’t feel a spark”

Speaking for 2 weeks and even blowing off trying to get back with your ex because of me and this was your response?

I could’ve gotten mad, but I didn’t. 
Was I bothered? Yes, because you fucking made me acquire some feelings for you and getting used to talking to you all fucking day makes it only norm major if I feel like something missing. 

But then you message me because you want to have a conversation…..

I know they all come crawling back because, not to toot my own horn, I have that effect on people. 

and fuck, this shit is annoying maj and this my rant about it.


How’s everyones summer? 

Hope y’all have been doing great. 

I cant believe school starts in ONE week. -_____-

I’m going to be a senior and I still havent made my crown. BUT it’s going to be phenomenal because no one is going to have one like it 

stay strong + slay, kidz 

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Sister ate my Jell-O when clearly I brought it for myself
Facebook statuses
"I don't care if heaven won't take me back"
- Me: It sure fucking wont since you stole my Jell-O :(
- Sister: You just need to stop being such a hater, nigga.
- Me: ‎"Can you choke on Jell-O?" "I don't know, why don't you try it and find out?"
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- Sister: You're just a dick. Why don't you go and try and choke on that!
*posts picture of middle finger and her in background"
"Delete that shiiiitt, bro"
*Makes video blessing upon her massive explosive diarrhea tomorrow morning*
'Delete that shiiiiitt, bro"
I'm clearly not appreciated in this household for my humour or fantastic appetite cravings at 2 in the morning.
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I’ve thought about you all day. fuck, i think I like you 

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17. Miami.Singer,Dancer,Choreographer, Dream warrior, Little Monster.

let me know you exist.